About Abovo

Abovo Media Group is a leading media, production and sales company within internet media.

We help advertisers to reach out with their message to our visitors through the right media via different sites on the internet, newsletters, and some print and live channels.

We are specialised on the target group "Young Adults", mainly 16 to 45 year olds and have in our network of sites specific packages and verticals towards: Students, Music/Entertainment, Games, Career, Lifestyle and Youth.

Among our sites in the network are: Student.se, Festivalinfo.se, MVGPlus.se, Studentlya.nu, StudenterTyckerTill.se, Abandonia.com, Reloaded.org, Skoore.com, Snuttis.se and more.

We help our clients to create and acitvate campaigns with banners and print advertisement, editorial branding, advertorials, partnerships, integrated feeds, newsletters and competitions. We have often had questions aked about our name and background, which is our story. For this reason, we want to give you something worth reading about the history of abovo.

ab ovo, (Latin: "from the egg; from the very beginning") is a reference to one of the twin eggs of Leda and Zeus disguised as a swan from which Helen was born. Had Leda not laid the egg, Helen would not have been born, so Paris could not have eloped with her, so there would have been no Trojan War etc. The English literary use of the phrase comes from Horace's Ars Poetica, where he describes his ideal epic poet as one who "does not begin the Trojan War from the double egg" (nec gemino bellum Troianum orditur ab ouo), the absolute beginning of events, the earliest possible chronological point, but snatches the listener into the middle of things (in medias res). This use is distinct from the longer phrase ab ovo usque ad mala (lit. "from the egg to the apples") which appears in Horace's Satire 1.3. It refers to the course of a Roman meal, which often began with eggs and ended with fruit. Thus ab ovo can also be used to mean a complete or entire thing.

student package Music/Entertainment package Games/Gaming package
Student/Education Music/Entertainment Games/Gaming
mainly university students 19-35 years old music lovers going to events 16-65 years old mainly gamers 16-45 years old
Career package Lifestyle package Youth package
Career Lifestyle Youth
mainly young professionals 22-45 years old anyone 16-65 years old mainly young adults 15-23 years old